TNH2014 Staff Program

Last day of Registration:  25 July 2014

We are very happy that our teacher is coming to the EIAB in August! Together we will offer a Day of Mindfulness and two retreats. Before, during and after these events we will need staff to help us, so we are inviting practitioners who have already attended a retreat in the Plum Village tradition to apply to be a staff member. As a staff member you can help us in many different areas, most of which involve physical work. We ask you to arrive earlier and depart later than other retreatants.

Serving on the staff team is often a very rewarding and fulfilling experience when we are able to work together in joy and harmony. Here are some of the qualities we are looking for in staff members in our large retreats with 700 plus retreatants:

  • Ability to speak Dutch and/or German, basic English
  • Being in good physical and mental health
  • Ability to listen deeply to others and be open to others’ ideas
  • Being mindful and keeping our calm even in difficult situations
  • Working well on a team
  • Capable of guiding a group in its work
  • Responsible, diligent and thorough in your work
  • Creative and energetic

All staff will be asked to follow the retreat schedule. The day typically begins at 06:00 AM and ends at 22:00 PM. Depending on the work you do, you may have to miss parts of the morning, afternoon or evening activities of the retreat in order to complete the work assigned to you.

Work is done in small groups or “families” comprised of retreatants, monastic, and experienced lay practitioners. Staff will be asked to coordinate and lead their family group in the assigned work. There will be regular Staff meetings to learn from each other and build harmony in the community.

All staff are asked to tent, so that they are able to help and participate in the retreat at the lowest rate we can offer.

All Staff are welcome to participate in the Day of Mindfulness on August 10th free of charge. You can follow the Dharma Talk on a screen right outside the Dharma Hall.

Thank you for your aspiration to help bringing joy and peace to many people in the retreat.

A lotus for you, a Buddha to be.

Please read all the information on the right sidebar before you register.

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